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In addition to individual full-time and fleet operators there are many units used as part-time occupation where you can be your own boss and add substantially to your income.

Each of our units has been carefully engineered and constructed to provide years of service with a minimum of maintenance. All out work and materials are fully guaranteed, quality being our first consideration, and using heavy-gauge non-magnetic type of Stainless Steel which will not rust.

This Web Site illustrates just a few of our most popular models, for we manufacture and "CUSTOM" engineer all types of equipment to serve any variety of foods, such as: frankfurter, hamburgers, coffee and cake, pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, ice cream and many other food equipment.

For the best price, workmanship, and service in mobile vending, trucks, scooters, visit our Showroom in New Jersey located in a convenient place by car, or bus.
  1. Stainless Steel body
  2. Insulated stainless steel soda box
  3. Two storage compartments
  4. Stainless steel showcase with sliding plexiglass doors
  5. Two service shelves (counters)
  6. Cart fully equipped (Napkin holder, Straw holder, Garbage holder)
  7. Solid rubber bicycle-type wheels (Different sizes optional) spokes, front swivel caster wheel
  8. Coleman gasoline burners
  9. Butane-gas burner
  10. Large (Scallop) two-tone umbrella
  11. FREE DELIVERY (within city limits)
  13. Wooden Wheels (optional)
  14. All EXPERT workmanship
  15. All repairs, parts conversion
  16. Two-tone plexiglass body (optional)
  17. Competitive prices

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