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Antique Deluxe Sixty Special and Cart
#2660GT Antique Deluxe Sixty Special

This is the "show piece" of all six ounce deluxe machines. Features the antique styling found in all Gold Medal Gay 90's poppers. Etched glass, cast filigree, brass-like antique finish. This heavy duty cart is built to the same rugged standards as all of the larger carts and wagons.


Gay 90’s Pinto-Pop and 2 Wheel Cart
#2131 Gay 90’s Pinto Pop

A real show piece. All the deluxe features. Cast aluminum twin arm kettle suspension. Removable kettle. Heavy duty welded cabinet with durable brass type finish. Extra working room for high traffic locations.  Heavy duty Gay 90’s Two Wheel Cart should last a lifetime. Full 24" diameter wheels make it easier to move.


Camcruiser Vending Carts
This cart lets your customers see what you're selling...
  • Pizza
  • Hotdogs
  • Nachos
  • Hot pretzels
  • Soft drinksFootball season, any season
Appliances fit on the counter top. Openings in the counter and compartments provide electrical or soda line access.

There's ample space in the two open compartments for product and supplies storage, insulated containers, a small refrigerator, soda canisters, etc.

The attractive 5 ft. umbrella and large merchandising panel let your customers know you're in business.


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